Our Promise: Create Certainty Every Step of the Way

Building Partnerships

How The Knutson Experience Builds Partnership

Clients and design partners create the vision - Knutson’s role is to provide confidence. From there, our construction leaders and trade partners bring it to life. Success is not achieved solely by the end result, but by the experience throughout. The journey should be fun, and partnership is the key.

You have dreams. We know how to make them real. We are committed to you through trust, communication, flexibility, respect, and teamwork. We will provide certainty, confidence and represent your interests at every stage of the journey, and always keep you in the loop of what’s happening and what’s to come. Your project is unique – we will tailor our approach to the nuances of your vision & surroundings and our interactions with your employees, customers, stakeholders, and neighbors will make you feel proud. Your goals become ours – we will work in partnership to achieve success together.

We are only as strong as the relationships we build with our trade partners. Whether we’ve partnered in the past, or we’re building together for the first time, we are committed to you.

We will provide a fair and open bid-award process, and conduct a kickoff meeting to collaborate and align expectations. We strive to provide strong project leadership to foster safety, respect, support, communication, collaboration, mutual accountability, timely payment, productivity, and a positive work environment. We are committed to close-out projects in a timely manner, and seek to earn your trust and build a lasting relationship.

Requirements for Subcontractors

We’re in awe of what you do — create a vision out of mere space. And right alongside you, we see the possibilities. Construction is guided by your design, and we will earn your confidence and leverage our knowledge, experience, and technology to make your design real.

We are committed to providing you with innovative and workable solutions to project challenges, and you can count on us for responsible cost and change management. We will gain your trust by acting with integrity and reliability, and will work with a cooperative, positive, and solutions-centered approach. We are committed to concise, open, and frequent communication and encourage a constant exchange of ideas and information.


At Knutson, we are grateful to have you as part of Team Blue. Here, everyone plays an important role, and we believe in supporting & recognizing our employees — this is our commitment to you. We strive to offer a welcoming and effective onboarding program when you start your journey, and will provide clearly defined job responsibilities, along with ongoing training and development to promote personal growth. Knutson leadership always seeks your input and ideas on how to ensure that this remains a great place to work, promotes a positive work environment, and makes you feel assured, inspired and appreciated.


The Knutson Experience Started


Work From Repeat Customers


Clients and Partners

Our Beliefs and Values

Knutson’s Long-Held, Long-Practiced Beliefs and Values

This term has grown out of Knutson’s long-held, long-practiced beliefs and values and was coined in 2005 following extensive research with clients. Knutson commissioned the research to understand how clients view the construction experience and to ensure that The Knutson Experience gives them confidence and peace of mind. This research was expanded to include architects, trade partners and employees to ensure they also feel assured, inspired and appreciated at every stage of our journey, together.