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Mayo Clinic’s Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Building

01 04
Mayo Clinic
Construction Manager, Construction Manager at Risk
Rochester, Minnesota
176,000 sq. ft.

The long tradition of biomedical innovation that makes up Mayo Clinic's DNA will continue with the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Building. The integrated research facility includes incremental facilities for basic and translational cancer biology as well as other areas of scientific inquiry. From the subway and street level, the Kellen Building connects key research capabilities in the Southwest edge of the Rochester campus serving as Mayo Clinic's primary focal point for translational research.

The 11-story building's high-profile exterior communicates a mission that is aspirational, a catalyst for interdisciplinary innovation, and a symbol of hope Much like the shields in Mayo Clinic's logo, the building will connect research, clinical practice, and education in terms of both physical space and experience. The façade creates visual connectivity from the inside-out and the outside-in, with an interior awash in natural light that offers plentiful views and an exterior inspired by the innovative research happening within.

01 04