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Lifecore Biomedical

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Lifecore Biomedical
Chaska, Minnesota

Due to the sensitivity of work for this client, a lot of the projects are confidential.

Lifecore Biomedical

Aseptic Processing Expansion

Lifecore Biomedical is a company that produces and packages certain pharmaceutical products. This project consists of a 134,000 square foot expansion to create room for a pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanroom, quality control laboratory and the necessary space for the mechanical and electrical equipment required to support the operation of the facility. The expansion was built to ISO bio-medical standards and includes aluminum wall panels, seamless vinyl flooring, gasketed vinyl ceiling tiles, and HEPA filters.

Size: 134,000 SF
  July 2016

Lifecore Biomedical

Cleanroom Expansion

Lifecore is a biomedical production facility that produces and packages medical products. This project consisted of a new stand-alone clean room within their existing facility. The room is approximately 800 square feet and was built within a warehouse room outside of their existing cleanroom production and packaging areas. The room is served by its own air handler that is located on a poured slab on metal deck mezzanine Knutson built as part of the construction. Some existing rooms were modified to incorporate this new room. It is built to ISO bio-medical standards. The room is constructed of aluminum wall panels, seamless vinyl flooring, gasketed vinyl ceiling tiles, and HEPA filters.

Size: 1,200 SF
April 2015

Lifecore Biomedical

QC Lab

Conversion of existing shell and office space into a high level Quality Control laboratory for a bio-pharmaceutical client. Including all lab casework, hoods, finishes, etc. It also included the added office space to support the new lab area.

Size: 6,500 SF
: July 2018

Lifecore Biomedical

BTG Cleanroom

This project consisted of building a completely autonomous cleanroom (including HVAC, HEPA Filtration, etc) within a warehouse/storage area. We also converted existing pass-throughs to incorporate them into the new cleanroom area. This was built to support a private client oversees that needed a secondary production facility in the event war or terror strikes destroyed the primary production facility.

Size: 1,000 SF
: January 2016

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