Our Commitment to Diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity

Knutson has a long history of including minority and women partners in our project opportunities and is fully committed to meeting or exceeding contract and workforce goals.

Our strong relationship with both minority and women business organizations allows us to promote industry opportunities and hire the best candidates. Contractors who bid with Knutson always have a clear understanding that winning the bid is not based on price alone.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by:

  • Recognizing that it is in our best interest to encourage a broad base of subcontractors, suppliers and vendor relationships
  • Understanding that utilizing diverse subcontractors, suppliers and vendors contributes to the economic growth and expansion of the communities we serve

Our objective is to offer these businesses the opportunity to align with all other subcontractors, suppliers and vendors in the competitive marketplace.

During the procurement phase, we introduce the project, discuss the schedule, describe our contract and workforce diversity plan and conduct face-to-face interviews to help us develop a more personal relationship and have a better connection with potential candidates.

During construction, our Project Manager and Diversity Manager track and monitor all WM/SBE participation and assure that diversity goals are met.

Knutson is truly committed, knowledgeable and proven when it comes to setting and achieving diversity goals.