Our Commitment to Owners

Together we see a way

“We know that staying on schedule and budget are critically important to owners, and at Knutson we are committed to doing even more. Based on what we have learned about your experience working with construction firms, we would like to share our vision for how we will interact with and support you. With gratitude for your trust in us to help execute your vision, and with great anticipation for what we may create together in the future — here is our commitment to you.”

Steve Curry
Knutson Construction

Team Work
We will work in partnership with you to achieve our mutual goals.

  • Our superintendent and team will go above and beyond to always act with your best interests in mind.
  • We will involve you in interesting aspects of the project, including milestones and celebrations along the way.
  • We will work with you to help satisfy your user groups, stakeholders and the community throughout the construction journey.

We will work with a cooperative, positive and solutions-centered approach.

  • We will get to the desired endpoint no matter what surprises spring up.
  • We will strive to provide innovative and workable solutions to project challenges.
  • We will provide responsible cost and change management.

We will gain your trust by acting with integrity and reliability.

  • We will do everything possible to minimize disruption and inconvenience to your business, employees and customers.
  • We will provide timely submittals.
  • We will protect and maximize your design and construction investment.

We will respect your vision and reputation in all of our actions.

  • We will listen and learn so we can fully understand your vision and expectations.
  • Our team understands that this project is not just about the building; it’s about your mission and the people who will be using the building for years to come.
  • We will ensure that your job site is clean, organized and safe to help enhance your image in the organization and the community.

We will encourage a constant exchange of ideas and information.

  • We will keep you “in the loop” as construction progresses.
  • We will provide information about the construction process that is informative but not too technical.
  • We will make sure all your questions are answered in a timely manner.