History : World Wars

World Wars

During World War I, Standard Construction was awarded $23 million in government contracts that were used to employ more than 3,000 men. They eventually renovated World Chamberlain Field for the use of planes. World Chamberlain Field later became the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. In addition to bringing the project $900,000 under budget, Knutson and his team received high praise from the Army engineers. Although wartime economic ups and downs crushed many businesses and construction companies, Thor Knutsonā€™s successes during that time were attributed to a simple rule of thumb: Honesty.

The Minnesota State Fair Cattle Barn was built in 1920 and is still standing today. The massive brick structure covers 117,450 square feet with sufficient housing for 560 cattle. The structure has changed several times in its 86 years, most notably when it was turned into a propeller plant during World War II.

  • Minnesota State Fair Cattle Barn

  • Wold Chamberlain Field