Team Blue : John


Associate Director

Minneapolis, MN

  • Years in Construction


  • Joined Knutson


  • Favorite Part of the Industry

    The people - the overall quality of people I have met at Knutson and around the industry has been inspiring

  • Knutson Culture

    Fun. Many view construction as an industry packed with stress, and it can be, but life is too short not to enjoy your career - the culture at Knutson embodies this.

  • Hobbies

    Golf, biking, skiing, fishing, boating, and hockey

  • Key Job Skills

    Positive attitude - a good balance between detailed and big picture thinking, I constantly try to view situations from the perspectives of others

  • Hidden Talent

    I used to be able to moonwalk, sort of

  • Clients Value

    Transparency, expertise, and passion for their project

  • Co-workers Value

    Respect, empowerment, and communication