Team Blue : Paul


Chief Financial Officer

Minneapolis, MN

  • Years in Construction

    16 years in real estate, 5 years in construction

  • Joined Knutson

    December 2015

  • Favorite Part of the Industry

    High Risk, Low Reward isn’t for everybody. I enjoy the personalities and passion of the brave individuals that work in this environment.

  • Knutson Culture

    Integrity first and foremost. Also, we are all in it to succeed as one organization and are all pulling in the same direction. We work really hard to satisfy our customers and when we do, everything else falls into place.

  • Hobbies

    I enjoy running and working hard to stay healthy. I enjoy spending time with my wife Stacia and three kids and their many activities that they are involved in and also traveling to a variety of places to provide them broad life experiences.

  • Key Job Skills

    In my role I better be pretty good at finance. I knew I was going to be a CPA in the eighth grade – sad but true.

  • Hidden Talent

    I am passionate about teaching life lessons to kids as a young age through coaching youth sports. In my role as president of the Rosemount Area Athletic Association, our mission is to “Develop Better Athletes, Better People”.

  • Clients Value

    Providing a peace of mind that matters impacting them are effectively being addressed by Knutson

  • Co-workers Value

    Service-minded approach, flexibility, and objectivity when faced with challenging situations

"Delivering the Knutson Experience means that we are providing “peace of mind” for our customers and business partners knowing that issues are dealt with by us efficiently and effectively."

Paul, Chief Financial Officer