Fairview Southdale Hospital OR Addition and Renovation

Edina, Minnesota

  • Owner

    Fairview Health Services


    Perkins + Will

  • Delivery Method

    Construction Manager at Risk


    39,000 sq. ft.

After Knutson first reviewed the proposed 39-month project schedule for this hospital operating room expansion, we devised a plan to shorten the project duration to 19 months. This highly collaborative approach not only saved significant dollars for the owner, but also allowed the new facility to begin generating revenue much sooner.

The complex new schedule required an inventive planning strategy: 39 phases and 74 “micro-phases,” each with a drawing that graphically showed staff, contractors and vendors how their work would be affected by the schedule. It was truly a team effort, requiring 24/7 operations by our construction team for almost nine months. In the end, Knutson’s work was completed with no disruptions in service, and no lost time accidents. In fact, Fairview Southdale’s operation facility actually increased its caseload during the construction and expansion process. This project team won The Knutson Challenge Award for its exemplary efforts.