Fairview Southdale Hospital

Edina, Minnesota

  • Owner

    Fairview Health Services


    BWBR Architects

  • Delivery Method

    Negotiated General Contractor


    160,000 sq. ft.

This addition included a new main entrance/reception area, lower level public concourse, pre- and post-op area, new ORs, and a 60,000 sq. ft. Integrated Care Facility, developed by BTO Development Corp. on top of the hospital expansion, to house offices for physicians practicing in the heart and vascular center below.

Five operating rooms and a new sterile core were added, while new pre- and post-op space accommodates patients who don’t need to stay overnight. Other departments were relocated to provide the needed space adjacent to the existing 20-OR surgery suite. To support the increased volume, a new 1,035-car parking ramp was built across a major traffic route, linked by a 200-foot skyway, which connected to the hospital at the second level above ground floor, which is the first level of the Integrated Care Facility.