Hazelden St. Paul

St. Paul, MN

  • Owner

    Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation



  • Delivery Method

    Construction Manager


    55,000 sq. ft. new
    3,000 sq. ft. remodel
    65,000 sq. ft. (140 stalls) surface parking

This project included a 55,000 sq. ft. addition which includes 55 beds for extended stay patients along with seven out-patient group rooms and 90 counseling offices. The addition also includes a classroom, new kitchen and dining area, and new lecture hall. The remodeled Hazelden  St. Paul campus overlooks the Mississippi river and features several outdoor architectural elements, including a labyrinth engraved in the exterior sidewalk, showcasing the ’12 Step Program’

The Hazelden St. Paul facility was originally built in the 1800s as a mansion/manor. This historic building will remain intact and remodeled following the expansion and remodel of the newer portion, built in 1978.