Tado Steakhouse

Welch, Minnesota

  • Owner

    Treasure Island Resort and Casino


    RSP Architects

  • Delivery Method



    4,740 SF

The new Tado Steakhouse, located within Treasure Island Resort and Casino, is the area’s only teppanyaki restaurant. This unique fine dining establishment was built in the Barbados Ballroom near the entry to the Events Center. The 4,740 square foot steakhouse project includes a 1,275 square foot kitchen, a 12 foot fireplace feature, 460 square foot bar and lounge area, 588 square foot teppanyaki room, and a 405 square foot lobby/entrance. The steakhouse seats approximately 90 guests including the bar and lounge area.

The restaurant includes custom furniture from various vendors including one in China. With lead times of up to 15 weeks, the team needed to be extremely proactive about staying on top of where the furniture was throughout the process to ensure it arrived on time.

One of the biggest challenges we faced on the project was how we could get all the decorative columns built on time. Knutson utilized their skilled carpenters to build a majority of the custom columns and column wraps. By doing this we were able to save money by not needing the casework supplier to build them, and we were also able to take 3-4 weeks off the schedule. In the end the Owner was extremely happy and the restaurant has gotten rave reviews.