Our Services : Construction Management

The Owner's Advocate

Construction projects can be highly complex. Few owners have the resources necessary to pay close attention to every detail — yet these details can make or break a project. Operating as an extension of the owner’s staff, Knutson can provide pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise to ensure a successful project regardless of the delivery method. Like a bulldog, we pledge to be tenacious in looking out for your best interests.

Agency CM
Under this delivery method, the construction manager acts as an extension of the owner’s staff and manages the work of all prime contractors who have direct contracts with the owner. An agency construction manager typically does not self-perform trade labor work on the project. This is the dominant method for public sector work.

CM at Risk
This method is used most often in the private sector. It combines the responsibilities of agency construction manager with the financial risk for the construction cost of the project. The construction manager prepares a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) prior to the start of work. In this delivery method the trade contractors may have direct contracts with the construction manager or the owner depending on the terms of the
owner/CM agreement.

CM as Constructor
This is similar to the agency CM method except it provides the CM with the opportunity to submit a bid for portions of the work. If the CM is awarded the bid they are allowed to perform that work under a separate contract with the owner. This method provides an advantage in schedule and quality control but is often perceived as a conflict of interest in instances where the CM is evaluating the performance, change order requests or quotations for its own trade contracts. CM as constructor is not always perceived as a separate delivery method from agency CM but is contractually very different. While this form has not gained wide acceptance in the public sector, increasing numbers of owners are supporting this as a viable and effective method.