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Virtual Design & Construction

Knutson’s VDC team uses advanced 3D models to bring greater collaboration and efficiency to your project. Our 3D models make it easy to visualize each step of your building’s construction from day one, while driving more strategic project planning and management.

Every construction journey starts with a shared vision of success. At Knutson, we deliver that vision through Building Information Models (BIM)—supporting visibility, planning and decision-making across each phase of your project.

A Vision of the Future

Innovation is a guiding force for our team at Knutson. We’re constantly exploring new technologies to improve how we plan and work together. With BIM, we use digital models to help stakeholders and team members visualize each project from the onset, creating an environment for proactive planning and collaboration.

Virtual Design and Construction brings a number of advantages to the building process, including reduced time and cost of construction. These models also help guide project decisions, while delivering a clear image of the project’s design and schedule. Our model-based approach helps with managing every aspect of your project, while ensuring the final work matches your goals and vision.


Innovation and Technology

Virtual Design & Construction leverages technology to collaborate with all project stakeholders during master planning, preconstruction, estimating, and construction to help project teams be more efficient, reduce risk, and mitigate issues in advance of construction start.

Scroll to learn more about the technology Knutson Construction uses on their projects no matter what stage the project is in:

+   Drones
+   Matterport Scanning
+   Laser Scanning
+   Coordination
+   Virtual Reality + Mock Ups
+   3D Printing
+   4D Simulations
+   Real Time Estimating

Drones (UAV)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) also known as drones is a reality capture method of documenting projects. Aerial photography combined with Li-DAR technology allows drones to quickly document vegetation, elevation changes, thermal imaging, and high-resolution imagery in lieu of more expensive survey methods.

Matterport Scanning

Matterport scans allow owners to digitize facilities before, during, and after construction. It gives project teams the ability to review in-wall details prior to wall / ceiling enclosure, generate accurate measurements, and create 3D walk-throughs.

This process can be done for new construction as well as remodels and additions and can be conducted throughout all phases of the project like pre-enclosure, progress checks, inspections, and completion.

Laser Scanning

Reality capture also known as laser scanning, can be utilized by a project in many different ways. Scanners quickly capture accurate data for existing condition and as-built documentation. Scans may also be used to monitor and record the progression of a project. In-house laser scanning services allows Knutson to extend scanning resources to clients and provide cutting edge applications to the industry.


BIM Coordination is a key component to project success. Knutson acquires models from each trade to perform clash detection and coordination. Throughout the process we work closely with facility teams to address concerns of maintenance and access prior to installation. Benefits of clash detection and coordination include less rework, prefabrication opportunities and a reduced schedule.

Virtual Reality and Mock-Ups

Mock-ups are used in almost every construction project. Now with new technology, contractors, owners and designers can step away from laborious, physical mock-ups and into a virtual reality world. Unlike physical mock-ups, virtual mock-ups can respond instantaneously to design changes allowing for faster decision making.

3D Printed Models

Three-dimensional printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. By leveraging 3D printing, context models can quickly be created to convey master planning options, site logistics coordination, and estimate assumptions.

4D Simulation

Simulations are a great way for owners and stakeholders to visualize a project schedule. Utilizing our VDC capabilities, the project schedule may be linked directly to a digital BIM model. This allows pre-planning to clearly communicate phasing and schedule requirements.


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Industries We Serve

VDC is a valuable addition to any construction project, especially for markets with complex systems such as healthcare. At Knutson, we employ VDC regardless of industry, project cost or size—and scale our services based on the needs of your unique project. Explore our industries to learn more about the many clients we support—and how we take their dreams from concept to reality.

Virtual Design & Construction Director

Katie Montag

As Virtual Design and Construction Director, Katie seeks out ways to utilize virtual design and construction for all aspects of project management, contractor coordination, and visualization. After holding traditional design positions, Katie transitioned away from an architect role and pursued her love of construction technology. Today, as a registered architect, she enjoys working alongside designers and owners to investigate and integrate new technology as a problem-solving tool throughout the project lifecycle.

Virtual Design & Construction Engineer

Travis Brock

Travis has substantial experience in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems within critical environments paired with recent and relevant BIM / VDC coordination experience. Travis manages the direct oversight of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) divisions of work, and seeks out ways to utilize virtual design and construction for all aspects of project management, contractor coordination, and visualization to reduce and mitigate unforeseen issues, which ultimately results in a more efficient workflow for decision making and a reduction in errors and unforeseen conditions.

Virtual Design & Construction Specialist

Aalayha Robb

Aalayha Robb, an alumna of the University of Minnesota Construction Management program, seeks out ways to utilize virtual design and construction for all aspects of project management, contractor coordination, and visualization. With degrees in both architecture and construction management, Aalayha is able to implement and manage the building process, bringing a set of blueprints to life.

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Featured Projects & Achievements

As a leader in VDC technology, Knutson delivers virtual design and construction services for buildings of all types, including medical facilities, processing plants, government buildings and more.